Nameless by Mercedes M. Yardley. Book review and Word Association with author.

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Book Reviews, Mercedes Murdock Yardley
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nameless (2)Mercedes M Yardley writes bitter sweet so well. Every time I read her books I fall in love with her characters, even the nasty ones. I think she does too. How else do you come up with little gems like a child’s hand looking like a starfish? These whimsical touches bring a smile to my face.

Luna Masterson is the main character. She is a sassy, angry and damaged young woman. She sees demons, has done from a young age, and they have defined her life. Seth, her brother tries to keep a lid on it all by providing her with some normality, but he has his own problems. His daughter Lydia brings joy into both their lives and she is Luna’s loadstone of love and goodness.

This dark suburban fairy tale/love story is easy to read and get caught up in. I will not share anymore and spoil it for you.
This is the first of The Bone Angel Trilogy so we have lots of Luna to look forward to.



Instead of an Author Q&A, which Mercedes has already done, we did some Word Association Fun.

I hope you like this little snap shot into Mercedes’s brain. I agree with her on a few of these.

BCN: FLOWER      —–      MMY: ORCHID

BCN: OCEAN        —–      MMY: SENSUAL

BCN: RED           ——      MMY: LIPSTICK

BCN: RELAX        ——     MMY: BATHTUB

BCN: BLISS       ——       MMY: HUMMING


BCN: ANGRY     —–        MMY: HURTING

BCN: LOVE       —–        MMY: VALIANCE

BCN: FOOD       —-        MMY: CHILDHOODorchid


BCN: MUSIC         —-     MMY: DALLIANCE

BCN: WISDOM      —-     MMY: WOMAN


Thank you to Mercedes for her time.

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