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18206890It starts with the dedication at the front. No sentimental mush about family and pals who stood by and supported the author during the creative process. No way. Instead the lady in the bank line who shared far too much information about her lady bits via a mobile phone call gets the gong. Oh and Pam Grier, she of Jackie Brown fame.

This is a story within a story. An author getting shafted by his publisher into writing a book in a genre he finds repugnant. The way this effects his daily life. The irony when it’s a success. He starts caring about the flamboyant characters he had jokingly started with.

The humour is wonderful. Wry observations of the theatre of society, and its players. Sadly I recognized so many of these people and their mixed up lives. I think that one of Zig Zag’s true strength’s is his deep observation of people. And his appreciation of the female character and how they think and act. Neon is sassy and I want to be her friend.

By Leanne Ellis.

Zig Zag Claybourne can be contacted on his website: Rehumanize Yourself or Facebook