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wild girlThe Wild Girl

4/5 Stars
The Wild Girl by Kate Forsyth is not a story filled with light. It is set in a small German kingdom during the Napoleonic wars. The story is about the family Grimm and their neighbours. There is poverty, hunger, cruelty and dark secrets. Dortchen Wild has loved Wilhelm Grimm from their first meeting. She yearns for a life with him away from her bleak life and her cruel and overbearing father. But as the years go by and her world spirals into despair she accepts this as her lot. Can there be a happy ending for her?

No wonder their fairy/folk tales are sometimes dark and twisted. You become very involved in these stifled lives. It is hard to imagine having to deal with the trials of some of these characters. I found it an interesting and rewarding read.

Bitter Greens13101761

5/5 Stars

Charlotte-Rose de la Force is an intelligent, witty woman who lives in the Court of Versailles at the time of Louis XIV. She is one of the bright lights of The Sun Kings palace, writing, entertaining and charming all she meets till her cleverness is her undoing and she is banished to a Nunnery.
Charlotte is sunk into despair until she meets the nun Soeur Seraphine who teaches her the way of bees and tells her a most amazing tale.
Kate Forsyth has redone the Rapunzel Fairy Story into a gritty, chilling adult version of the beloved Folk Story. It is the tale of the beautiful and ageless redheaded Selena, and of little Margherita who is sold as a 7 year old into cruel incarceration.
This is a wonderful book. Lots to keep you enthralled here.

Watch Kate talk about Bitter Greens by following the link below:

Kate Forsyth interview about BITTER GREENS

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