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photo.phpFreya is a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy, as well as a dedicated gamer. She has a deep and abiding fascination for the history and archaeology of the middle ages and spent many hours as a teenager writing out notecards detailing the battles of the Wars of the Roses, or moping around museums looking at ancient skeletons, bits of rusted iron and broken pots. She lives in the glorious country of New Zealand Aotearoa, where the countryside was made to inspire fantasy writers and filmmakers, and where they brew the best coffee in the world.

Heartwood is her debut epic fantasy novel and the sequel, Sunstone, will be released very soon, at the end of March in the US and 3rd April in the UK. Sunstone takes the story forward into three different timelines from 22 years later to hundreds of years in the future, further exploring and deepening the themes of religion and how the land and the people are one. If you love epic fantasy filled with adventure, high stakes, battles, and romance, this may be the series for you!

Question 1: Please name your favourite cake1961652_10152203927862156_1923033838_n

What a great question! Mississippi mud cake.

Question 2: Please name your favourite villain

Wile E. Coyote.

Question 3: A stranger walks up to you on the street, hands you a briefcase and says “You know what to do”. How do you react?

Open it, pocket the money, change the photo on the passport and throw the rest in the river. (Actually I’d probably take it to the Police Station but that sounds a bit dull.)

18209471Question 4: What’s your most preferred question from a fan/interviewer?

Ooh, anything! Being interviewed is always exciting. But especially something that proves that the person interviewing has read and liked the book – the ultimate compliment!

Question 5: What’s your least preferred question from a fan/interviewer?

There’s very little I won’t talk about, LOL! Except politics. 😀

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